by Fym Summer

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Here's my sophomore EP titled "Luna", which means moon in Latin. This 5-track short album I've performed and composed is dedicated to the courageous and kind ones who've aimed for the moon and reached for the stars despite all the darkness faced anyway. I truly hope you draw strength and inspiration from my musical works.


released March 13, 2017



all rights reserved


Fym Summer Singapore

Singer-songwriter by nature and nurture.

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Track Name: Me
It's so daunting to be
A little fish out in the sea
I don't know where i'm going anymore

I feel uninspired
What did I do to be so tired?
I'm humming to the rain all alone

Perhaps I am waiting
As I am writing
Melodies that could take me far...

Perhaps I am painting
As I am dancing
To the pouring lyrics from my skies

Am I a singer, am I a dancer
Who I know I'll be
Am I a dreamer, am I a writer
Who I wanna be

I'll be me...
Track Name: This Girl
This girl... she only loves
And there's nothing she'd do to give it up or to give him away
To many it's such folly but to that boy it's just another game
Little did she know he'd be turning his back against hers
Her mind will still speak in soft whispers
Her mind will still speak useless defences

This girl... she only hurts
So much that she cries all nights & all days
As if it ain't enough to cover up or compensate
All her time and secret potion that
He's always managed to steal away

From the sidelines as I watched
How I wished I could fight
To make her strong and make him weak
To break his armour of deceit

But I am this girl
But I am this girl
But I am this girl...

And right now she knows with every breath that she takes in
Now gives her a new life to bid her past goodbye
Track Name: Here Comes The Train
We say we’ll be forever tied
But little did I know we’re tied in ropes
Tongue-tied and paralysed
We’re lying on the railtracks now
Tongue-tied and paralysed

Here comes the train…
(Choo choo)

Am I in paradise
Am I?
Am I in paradise
Since I’m with you

White lights white beams
They’re shining from you
Am I hallucinating
Or is this just too good to be a dream?
Tell me that I’m beautifully dressed in white too
And you gave me your ice cold lips

That’s what I thought
Well I may be wrong
But I believe in you
That’s what I thought
Love could be wrong
But I believe in you
Track Name: Time
5 years, 5 years
It's all it takes
To make you fall in love

5 years, 5 years
It's all it takes
To make you fall apart too

Can someone tell me now or
Explain to me
This perplexing concept of time
That intertwines the fate of you and I
But why?

10 years, 10 years they passed and
I still hold on to my prime

10 years, 10 years they passed and
I still await for my sign

Time why would you not wait for any man at all
Time why would you take my life away?
Track Name: Silly
Whatever makes you happy
That's what you always say
But I ain't got no directions
Lost, goin' nowhere

Just gonna say one thing
You live well too, my love
Don't always have to give in to me...

'Cause I'll be a bigger brat
If I know your love for me never ends
I'd take you for granted
That's what I'm fearing I'll be
For you deserve better
From what I've seen
For you deserve better
My sweet little thing!

Oh, my silly love...

You said I'm the moon
But I'm just a star
One in a million
But so insignificant